Wall Lights

Wall lights are a fantastic multi-functional form of lighting that can serve both practical and purely decorative purposes. They can be used throughout the home and the choice of styles and designs available means they can integrate with almost any décor.

Our wall lighting department has 100’s of products to pick from, and so to help you narrow your search and save you time, you can use our powerful product filtering options. If you’re not really sure what you need and would like to speak to an expert our friendly team are on standby to help. Simply call us on 0115 926 6777 or send your enquiry through our contact form.  


Types of Wall Lighting

There are lots of reasons why you might be looking to add wall lighting to a room. They can be used above a desk to help you when working, they are a great choice as a reading light, they are ideal for illuminating dark corners or to highlight attractive room features or they may be being used as general (ambient) room lighting. Whatever your reason for looking at wall lights it’s important to pick a style and design that is best suited to the task you need them for. Below our lighting experts have highlighted four of the main reasons our customer purchase wall lights and which styles of light are most suitable for their requirements.


I want to highlight my pictures or photo’s

This is a nice easy one as we have a category dedicated to solving just this problem. Picture lights can be positioned just above the artwork or photo you wish to enhance. They cast a direct yet subtle illumination over the surface helping it to stand out. The light fittings themselves are generally very understated as they are designed not to detract from the picture. They are available in a range of finishes and materials that make them suitable for rooms with both modern and traditional décor.


I want to brighten up a dark corner

It’s not uncommon, especially in older properties, to have an area of a room that the illumination from your main ceiling light does not reach, or perhaps doesn’t reach fully. This can result in the area being uninviting and often not used to its full potential. Wall lights are by no means the only solution to brightening up a dark corner as both table and floor lamps are a great option. However, if floor space is limited meaning that lamps can’t be used, then there are a range of wall lights to pick from. Up and down wall lights are one such option, as the name suggests they cast light both upwards and downwards meaning the area is well illuminated. This style of light also has a certain ‘WOW’ factor so your dark corner can be transformed into a feature of your room.


I want my wall lights to blend into my existing décor

If you don’t want your light fittings to stand out but do want the illumination that a wall light can offer then Plaster or Ceramic Lighting may be perfect. This type of fitting is essentially a blank canvas onto which you can create your own designs. If you want the fitting to blend into the existing décor then simply paint the fitting the same colour as the wall onto which it will be placed. With these lights the choice really is yours, you can be as bold or minimalist as your heart desires.


I want a better light for reading

This is a very common request and one to which we have a whole category dedicated to providing the solution. Whether it’s reading in bed or when you’re sat in your favourite chair our selection of reading lights will give you lots of options to pick from.