Traditional Wall Lamps

Wall lamps can serve many functions around a home. They are of course a perfect solution for creating extra lighting in a room and can also be used for atmospheric purposes or simply as additional decorative pieces to complement your existing décor.

Whatever your reason is for purchasing wall lamps then we have something to offer you from our extensive selection. You can narrow your choice by using our search filters on the right-hand side of the page. Choose from brand, price or number of lamps plus many more options to find the wall lamps that are right for you.

A Guide to Wall Lamps


Wall lamps are an easy to install, relatively low-cost solution if you require additional lighting in your room. They can be used to supplement the main ceiling lighting, or, in some cases, even replace it.  If you wish to provide more light to a specific area of a room or you want to create a warm cosy feel for cold winter nights then wall lamps may well be the best option.


What are the Wall Lamps for?


A common theme you’ll find running through many of our guides is to ask the question What are the …… lamps/lights for? If you are buying with a purpose in mind it makes your decision much easier as many options can be quickly discounted. For example, if you want your wall lamps to sit above or near a desk area to illuminate the space whilst working then the common ornamental sconce wall lamps will be next to useless. This type of lamp is perfect for providing accent lighting but will not provide enough light to work by. Instead look for lamps where the beam can be directed such as a spotlight or where light is allowed to exit the light shade from below such as an up and downlight.


How Many Wall Lamps do I Need?


This links back to the first point as it largely depends on what they are being used for. In terms of positioning them on a wall you ideally want them to sit approximately 6 feet, or slightly less, from the ground. It does depend on the style of light selected but if possible you do not want the bulbs to be clearly visible for the average sized person.


How many you need will depend on where they are being used, for what purpose and the other light sources available within the room. If the wall lamps are to be the only light source then as a general rule they should be positioned approximately 8 feet apart.


What Types of Wall Lamp are Available?


There are numerous styles of wall lamps from the very traditional to the very modern and everything in between. Some of the most common are;


Up and Down Lights – Up lights direct their light upwards and as you’ve probably guessed downlights do the opposite. You can also find up and down lights which allow light to escape in both directions and are very effective if you’re looking for a striking design feature.


Picture Lights – Help your artwork stand out by directing a subtle light source onto the surface.


Spotlights – Can be used as a general light source in a room or to illuminate specific areas such as a desk. They make very good task lights.


Ornamental Scones – These are largely used for decorative purposes and can provide accent lighting.


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