Traditional Table Lamps

Traditional table lamps are, as you would expect from the name, of a classic design and are suited to rooms with a decoration that would be considered more traditional. In terms of size, they sit between table lamps and buffet lamps, in that they are generally (but by no means always) taller than standard table lamps and shorter than buffet lamps.


Selecting a Traditional Table Lamp

Traditional, or classic, table lamps will typically have a fairly small base, a long column and often a relatively small shade. As you will see from our range below this is not always the case but you will typically find two or the three of these features in most traditional table lamps. Of course, the feature that mainly sets them apart from other forms of table lamps is their styling, which is of a classic and fairly simple nature. If you are looking for table lamps to make a bold statement or be a strong design element of your room then this is probably not the type of lamp for you. Traditional table lamps are best used where they can add to and enhance the overall décor of a classically designed and decorated room.  They are a finishing touch that can be used to help to create a relaxing atmosphere and ambience.


Traditional table lamps can be used throughout the home but are perhaps suited best to living rooms, dining rooms and entrance halls. If using lamps in rooms with existing floor lamps try to ensure that the tops of the lamp shades are of a fairly even height when viewing the room horizontally. 


Traditional Table Lamps at Sherwood Lighting

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