Traditional Semi Flush Lighting

Many older properties commonly have relatively low ceilings. When it comes to purchasing suitable lighting that is in-keeping with the feel and décor of the property the choice can be limited. Traditional semi flush lighting may well be the answer to this problem. Offering stylish, classic designs coupled with the practical element of a having a relatively small drop. 

What is Traditional Semi Flush Lighting?

Flush lighting is so called as when fitted, it sits very close to the ceiling. This makes it suitable for the low ceilings commonly found in older properties and also increasingly in new builds.


Semi flush lighting has a small gap between the light fitting and the ceiling. This means it is still suitable for rooms where space may be a premium but also gives a bit more flexibility in the designs and styles available. A number of semi flush lights have a telescopic element allowing you to raise or lower the height of the light depending on your requirements.


Traditional semi flush lights have all the practical benefits of semi flush lighting but their design and styling are of a more class or traditional nature.


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