Traditional Ceiling Lights

Our range of traditional ceiling lights is a mix of classic designs and timeless styles. This type of lighting suits rooms and properties with a more traditional décor. Products from this category can be paired with items from our traditional wall lamps and traditional table lamps departments. By adding different forms of a lighting to a room you can create layered light. This approach to lighting means that you can create different feels and moods within your room depending on your needs. It also helps a room become more functional as you can adjust light levels to suit different tasks.


Choosing Traditional Ceiling Lights

As with all forms of lighting for your home there is lots of choice available. It’s worth however, considering a few points before you start browsing to ensure the light fitting you select is right for your needs. Our lighting experts have put together some top tips for choosing traditional ceiling lights.


Room Height

If you have high ceilings, then pendent lighting or chandeliers can make a fantastic addition to your room. However, many more modern houses are built with ceilings of approximately 8 feet which makes any light fitting with drop impractical. In these situations, look for traditional flush lighting  or traditional semi flush lighting. Flush light fittings sit very close to the ceiling with virtually no gap visible. Semi flush lights have a small gap but will generally still be suitable for most rooms.


Style That Stands the Test of Time

In the modern world fashions change seemingly daily and the same is true for home décor. Keeping up with design trends can be a costly business but some classic styles never really go out of fashion. If you want to create a room that will stand the test of time then the addition of classic and traditional lighting is a great place to start.


Room Purpose

Before you purchase any lighting it’s important understand it’s purpose. Consider the room where it is to placed and what that room will be used for. What size is the room and are their any particular areas that need different levels of light (i.e. a desk or an area where you read). Traditional ceiling lighting is perfect for creating an ambient (general) level of light within a room. Adding a dimmer switch also gives you more control and flexibility over general light levels. However, many rooms can have dark corners or areas that the main lighting does not adequality reach. The solution here is to add in other light sources such as wall lights or table and floor lamps.


If you need any help or advice on choosing your traditional ceiling lights, then our friendly and helpful team are always happy to assist. Simply call us on 0115 926 6777 or pop your enquiry onto our contact form.