Table Lamps

Table lamps are the perfect way of changing the ambience of a room. Whether you require additional illumination for a desk or reading area or you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere in which to settle in to for an evening, table lamps offer a perfect solution.


Modern Table Lamps from Sherwood Lighting

There was a time when most table lamps were a fairly boring, drab affair. Round lamp shades, very often in cream, would sit on top of lamps of the same, or equally uninspiring colour. Happily, table lamp and lampshade designs have moved on and the choice for both is now considerable. Rather than simply performing the function of lighting a room they can now form an integral part of the decoration.

Combining table lamps with floor lamps can transform a space and provide either a subtle finishing touch or a bold splash of colour depending on the design you want to achieve.


How to Choose a Table Lamp

Rather than simply picking a table lamp that looks nice it’s worth doing a little planning to ensure the lamp you pick will perfectly fit your needs. Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be on the right track to table lamp perfection;


1. Begin by deciding exactly where the lamp will be positioned and the size and height you ideally want. Consider what the light will be used for and what you need the light to do. For example, if you are looking for an additional light for reading then a lamp which offers focused illumination would be ideal. A bedside table lamp may not need to be as bright as a lamp that you are placing in a hall or living room. These may seem obvious but a clear idea of what you want could help avoid costly mistakes.

2. When adding multiple lamps to your room it’s ideal to have their tops at roughly the same height rather than undulating up and down. This allows for a smooth flow across the room without the vision being broken up and interrupted.

3. Getting the right style for your table lamp is very important. You may find a lamp you love but if it does not work with the existing décor of the room in which it will reside then it’s best to keep looking. There is a huge choice of lamp bases and lamps shade available, and many different materials and colours to choose from. The ideal table lamp should complement the decoration you already have.

4. It’s not just about the colours when it comes to picking your table lamps, the shape can also have a big impact on the final result. Ideally, lamp shades should have a diameter that is roughly two inches less than the length of its body. When picking a lampshade remember that the narrower the base of the shade the less illumination will be provided. Drum-shaped lamp shades are a safe option as they allow light to escape in equal measure from both the top and bottom of the shade.

5. Attention to detail is always important and so be sure to check how easy lampshades and bulbs are to remove and replace. It’s also worth double checking that the table lamps you choose are compatible with energy saving LED light bulbs.


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