Statement Lamps

A statement lamp does exactly what it says…..make a statement. There is no blending into the background with these lamps, they are designed to stand out and are very much the peacocks of the lamp world. A statement lamp is designed to be a standout piece and you will generally find that they are either large in size, bold in design or striking in colour or very often all three.

Statement Lamps Considerations

Much of the conventional wisdom for making a lighting purchase gets tossed out of the window when it comes to statement lamps. This is not a sensible purchase where you need to consider the light levels produced if you intend to read by or work with the light. It’s also not a necessity for the lamp to effortlessly blend into your existing décor or deign scheme.  When considering your purchase you want a lamp that will be noticed and almost dominates the space it’s in.


There are essentially three factors to consider when purchasing a statement lamp;


Size – In this case size matters. You’re not going to make much of a statement with small lamp tucked away on side table. That being said it’s important to make sure your room can accommodate a large lamp as although these pieces are meant to dominate their space you don’t want to take it too far.


Design – As you scroll through our range you’ll see some wonderful lamps designed by some of the very best lighting designers. Don’t be shy about going bold with design that will really get visitors talking.


Colour – Your statement lamp does not need to be carefully matched to your existing colour scheme. Opt for something striking that will really stand out.


Statement Lamps from Sherwood Lighting

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