Shaver Lighting

Shaver Lighting is specifically designed to light up your face sufficiently to make sure every feature is clearly visible. The very best type of light for seeing detail on your face is natural sunlight, however on cloudy days and dark mornings we need a little extra illumination to brighten up our bathrooms. Don’t be misled by the name shaver lighting, this type of light fitting is also perfect to use when applying makeup or for other facial grooming such as eyebrow shaping.

Shaver lighting is available in a range of different formats and some have additional features such as power sockets. To help you select the light that is best for your bathroom here are a few tips from our lighting experts to help you decide.


1. Do you need to have a power socket in the bathroom? Shaver lighting sockets are suitable to charge electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. If you have items like this then it’s worth thinking about purchasing a light with a power socket.

2. Do you already have a mirror? If you already have a mirror that you want to keep you could consider having a light that comes without a mirror.

3. Do you need a bathroom cabinet? To add extra storage in your bathroom why not look at the bathroom cabinet options. This come fitted with mirrors and lights and can be a great space saving solution.

4. Will the light be used when applying makeup? The best lighting to apply makeup is a warm white light from LEDs. These lights are ideal as they most closely replicate natural light. The Mascali light, from our shaver lighting range, is a perfect bathroom mirror to use when applying makeup.


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