Pendant Ceiling Lighting

Pendant lights are a popular choice in many homes thanks to their flexibility, low prices, when compared with some of the alternatives, and near endless choice of styles and designs. They also have the advantage of being simple to fit and can be used in any room around the home.  Generally hanging from a chain or cord they are available in wide choice of sizes to suit all room types and their design ranges from the basic and understated to stunning focal point centrepieces.

What to Consider When Buying Pendant Lighting

The shape and style of the pendant lighting you pick will depend on your home and the room where the new fixture is to be used. However, there are a few points to consider whilst looking for a pendant light.


Materials and Finish

The vast majority of pendant lights will be manufactured from either glass, metal, cloth or plastic. Glass, especially if it’s clear, is by far the most effective at diffusing light which makes it ideal for rooms where a good level of ambient lighting is needed for day to day tasks such as bathrooms or kitchens. In a similar way, shiny metal finishes like polished chrome are good at reflecting light and can, therefore, be a good choice for task lighting. Plastic, whilst being the most cost-effective choice, may discolour a little over time and so it’s best to use these in areas of the home where the light fitting may receive less usage. Material finishes such as cotton have a tendency to collect dust more than the other options. It’s advisable to fit these in areas where they can be reached easily for regular cleaning.


Big or Small

A single large pendant can be a great solution for a hall or entryway to a property. It provides a striking focal point for the space and also delivers a good level of ambient light. For larger areas, the addition of a table lamp or two can help illuminate any dark corners. A large pendant can also be a good choice above a dining table or in a stairwell. Small pendants can be an attractive alternative to track lighting or spotlights and can be used in multiples in areas such as the kitchen.


Consider the Drop

How and where the pendant light will be used will determine how it should be hung. In a hallway at least seven feet from the ground is recommended.  If you’re using the pendant above a dining table then the ideal distance between the table top and the bottom of the pendant is 30 inches. In general, around the home, you need to consider the height of the average sized person. To prevent people from having to duck you should be aiming for approximately 20 inches between head height and the bottom of the fixture. If this isn’t possible, due to the height of your ceiling, then it may be worth considering semi-flush or flush lighting options.