Outdoor Recessed Wall Lights

Outdoor recessed wall lights are ideal for illuminating outside space in a subtle way. By installing recessed lights to your property, you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor lighting but without having any protrusions or obstacles added to your building or landscape design. Outdoor recessed wall lights can form part of any building or landscape feature and are perfect for being used in areas where space is tight such as walkways or entrances. By selecting lighting that can be recessed into the wall no area of the interior is being used or obstructed so a design that has clear and crisp lines can be achieved. 

Outdoor Recessed Wall Lights at Sherwood Lighting

When deciding on where to position outdoor recessed wall lights you need to consider what the main function of the area is. If the lighting is for a pathway the most important function of the light will be to show people where to walk so the lights should be positioned at floor level. In considering details like this you are making the most of the light energy and can avoid any unnecessary light pollution. In winter months we can start to appreciate our garden areas less and an unlit outside space can be intimidating and miserable. By installing a couple of recessed wall lights into your home you can create a gentle light for your outside space and start to enjoy your garden more in all seasons.


Installing outside lighting is also a great security and safety feature as well illuminating pathways and entrances that can help prevent trips and falls. By installing outdoor recessed wall lights you can add an unobtrusive addition of light to your outside areas that could deter unwanted visitors.


The large majority of our outdoor recessed lighting is designed to work with LED bulbs that are both energy efficient and resilient to low temperatures. LED bulbs also have a long life span which means you won’t need to worry about replacing them regularly. 

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