Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are also commonly known as Porch Lights or Front Door Lights. Although they can be used in numerous locations around the outside of your home they are most commonly positioned by entrances and doorways.


Types of Outdoor Lanterns

The term outdoor lantern can be used to describe a number of different types of lighting used outdoors. The name was originally used to describe metal or glass containers that were used as a protective enclosure for candles. They generally had a handle at the top which was used to carry the lantern or hang it from a pole or hook. This type of lantern was typically used outdoors or in drafty or windy interiors.


The term is also used when referring to the colourful string lanterns which are used as decorative lighting in gardens and outdoor spaces.  This type of lighting, not dissimilar to Christmas lighting, is often made up of lots of colourful paper balls or boxes each containing an LED.


The outdoor lanterns we supply here at Sherwood Lighting are effectively the modern-day equivalent of the original lanterns. Instead of the candles as a light source, our customers will be pleased to hear we use the slightly more efficient and longer lasting electric bulbs.


Outdoor Lanterns and Porch Lights from Sherwood Lighting

Outdoor lanterns when used as porch or doorway lights have two main purposes. They are a great safety feature illuminating dark entrances or pathways. If attached too, or equipped with, a movement sensor, they can also scare off unwanted visitors to your property. As well as safety they are an attractive decorative feature providing a welcoming light and enhancing the outside or your home.


There are many types of outdoor lanterns available but by far the most popular is the hanging pendent light. This style of lantern comprises a chain onto which the handle of the lantern is attached. The lantern then hangs below encasing the light fitting. We have a stunning range of both modern and more traditional types of outdoor lantern to suit all types of home.


If you’re having difficulty choosing your outdoor lanterns and porch lights then please feel free to contact our helpful and friendly lighting experts for advice. You can call us on 0115 9266777 or complete our contact form with your query.