Mid-Century Modern Lighting

The mid-20th century (1950’s & 1960’s) were a post-war design renaissance for furniture, interiors and architecture. New material development in plastics and wood laminates enabled shapes and forms to be created in interiors never known before. This sleek modern style is still a desirable feature in our homes today. If you are inspired by the style but aren’t quite ready to fully immerse your whole interior, lighting is a great place to start.

The Mid-Century Modern style features curves and natural shapes. Lights of this style can be both subtle and striking depending on their scale and position in a room.

Examples of Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Floor Lamps – One of the most iconic Mid-Century Floor lamps feature a large curved arm with a half sphere shade. This is known as the Arc Lamp.


Pendant Lights – Spherical pendant lights are regularly used in Mid Century style interiors. Select an eye-catching material or a subtle small shape. You can either make a feature of your pendant light or let it be absorbed into the whole interior. Hang spherical pendants on their own or in groups depending on the space you have available.


Table Lamps – Lamps with bubble style organic shape bases instantly take you back in time. You can opt for a cool and sophisticated white or add some 1960’s colour pop.


Where in the Home to Feature Mid-Century Modern Lighting?

The mid-century style is popular in many homes as it complements a wide range of interior spaces. From hallways to dining rooms these lights can make a great feature. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


Dining Room – Gaucho Pendant Light


The Gaucho pendant lamp is a beautiful statement shade that would work well on its own over a table or as a set. The organic shape works well over an oval or round table and creates an inviting and cosy setting.


Living Room – Laughton Floor Lamp


The Laughton Floor Lamp has a light green painted finish with an antique brass effect trim. This solid curved shape lamp is a classic 1950s style. It would look great in the corner of a living room next to a 1950s style armchair.


Bedroom – Wendell Table lamp

Side tables in bedrooms are an interior design essential. They are great for creating a sense of luxury and coordinated style. The Wendell table lamp curved base has all the features needed to be considered a mid-century modern lamp. With the addition of copper material, this lamp is perfect for creating a hotel style boudoir.


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