Living Room Lighting

Living rooms are often the most used spaces in our homes, it’s therefore important to get the lighting spot on. From relaxing in front of the TV to curling up with a good book, living room activities are varied. This means that the lighting fittings used in your room need to be flexible. Often it will be necessary to have the whole room illuminated. At other times, you may want to quickly change to only have only certain areas lit.

We have a wide range of lighting solutions that offer you the flexibility you need for the living room. Our range features lights with beautiful designs from top UK lighting manufacturers that can add the finishing touches to your interior décor. 

Planning Your Living Room Lighting

An ideal time to plan your living room lighting is before you decorate. If you want to move fixtures and fittings this can involve some damage. To ensure you can decorate over the damage it’s important to have a qualified electrician install new fittings before anything else is done.


If you’re not planning to decorate you can still refresh your living room with a new ceiling pendant or lamp. By illuminating a new picture or brightening up a dark corner to read in, you can update the room without having to spend a lot of money in the process.


When thinking about buying new lighting the best approach is to plan light sources for different height levels in the room. There are three different types of lighting that you should aim to have.


Ambient lighting: This describes lighting used to illuminate a whole room.


It’s ideal for families when children are playing in the living room. If you have low ceilings think about installing flush ceiling spotlights. For spaces with tall ceilings, you can consider an eye-catching central pendant like a chandelier.


Task lighting: Lights with a focused area to illuminate.


These lights are normally table or floor lamps that can be angled in a specific direction. This type of lighting is used for creating a cosy corner to read or if you need to create an area to work at a computer. By selecting a lamp with a striking design, you can add a pop of colour or shine to what otherwise could be an overlooked area of the room.


Accent lighting: Soft lighting that is used to create a feature or a subtle glow.


This type of lighting is normally used to light up small sections of a room. It can be used to illuminate room features such as fireplaces or pictures. By using wall lights, table or floor lamps you can create a warm and cosy atmosphere perfect for relaxing in front of the TV.