Lighting by Room

Lighting is an important feature in every home. Light fixtures can be both decorative and functional. They should be considered as a crucial part of any interior design. When buying new lighting, you need to think about the tasks it will be required. Each room around your home is regularly used for different activities, so your lighting should be planned to make life easier.

To help you plan your purchase we have outlined the main considerations to think about when buying a light fitting.

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The hallway lighting you select for this space very much depends on the size of the area you have. For narrow hallways with low ceilings, wall lights are a good option. Wall lights can be a decorative feature that could have a dimmer switch function.


If you have more space in your hallway with high ceilings, think about selecting an impactful pendant fitting like a chandelier. Or to achieve a sleeker style a spotlight ceiling fitting can be used to illuminate specific areas.


In the hallway, lighting can be concealed in the skirting boards and walls. This is perfect for simple modern interiors where clean lines and minimal decoration is desired. This style of lighting is very practical and helps easy navigation around the home.


When selecting your hallway lighting make sure it works well with your stairwell lighting.


Living Room

In the modern home, the living room has numerous uses for a range of activities. From watching TV to eating dinner and sometimes working. The lighting in your living room needs to support all these tasks and complement your interior decoration at the same time.


When buying living room lighting, you should make sure you have three different types. These three different styles of lighting for your living room would ideally be positioned at different heights.


The three different types of lighting to consider in your living room are:


1. Ambient lighting, which illuminates the whole room such as a ceiling pendant


2. Task Lighting, to focus on a specific area, for example, a reading lamp


3. Accent lighting, to create a soft glow ideal for relaxation, this could be achieved with a floor lamp



The lighting for your kitchen needs to be selected based on the zone of the room it is to be used in. As a busy area of the home, kitchen lighting needs to be flexible, so multiple lighting styles are a must.


In the kitchen, there is the opportunity for concealed under cupboard lighting to work alongside more decorative ceiling or wall lighting.


You can have functional task lighting fitted under cupboards or recessed in the ceiling. Then as a decorative feature, you could have a set of 3 pendant lights fitted over a dining area.


Lighting in the kitchen is a perfect tool for separating and identifying zones. Functional and concealed task lighting can be used in the areas to prepare food. Then more decorative and softer lighting is more suitable in a relaxed space such as a dining table.



Our bedrooms should be a haven for relaxation and sleep, but in the busy modern home, they are sometimes more. When purchasing bedroom lighting, it’s important to have two or three types. 


In the bedroom, you need to have soft lighting to relax and read, but you will also need functional lighting for getting dressed.


Coordinating bedside lamps are an ideal starting point for bedroom lighting. Having lamps with a dimmer function gives you extra control at all times of the day.


A decorative ceiling light like a chandelier in a bedroom can be the crowning glory of interior design. We have a wide range of sizes to suit many different spaces. This style of lighting is perfect for creating a luxurious boudoir effect to help you retreat and relax.


For bedroom lighting inspiration why not visit our Pinterest board.



As with other rooms around the home, the bathroom is a multifunctional space. From getting ready in a rush in the mornings to enjoying a relaxing bath at night, bathroom lighting should include more than one type.


We have a range of lighting that designed specifically for use in the bathroom. Shaver lights, mirror lights, ceiling lights and wall lights can be used together to create your perfect lighting plan.


Task lighting like shaver and mirror lights can be fitted around the sink area to help you get ready. Ceiling lights could be recessed, or if you have space, a decorative pendant can become an eye-catching feature.


Wall lights could be used to create a soft glow perfect for relaxing in the bath.


Fitting bathroom lighting requires extra safety considerations. Please see our bathroom lighting page to find out more or take a look at our blog post on bathroom safety zones.