Lamp Shades

Lamp shades come in wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours and by choosing carefully you’re able to control the flow of light in your room, illuminate certain areas or create a desired mood or atmosphere.

At Sherwood Lighting we want you to love the products that you purchase from us and so we’ve created the following guide, How to Choose a Lampshade, to help you pick a shade that’s perfect for your room. 

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to lampshade purchasing. Despite the fact that it may seem like the easiest job in the world it’s worth spending a little time on the process to ensure you get it right.


Picking a Size

Choosing a lampshade size is a great place to start as it helps to quickly narrow down the selection to pick from. There are no hard and fast rules in this area but if you follow the simple suggestions below you’ll be on the right track;


For table lamps


- The shade width should ideally be approximately half an inch wider than the base on all sides, or 1 inch wider in total.


- The light shade height should be roughly three-quarters of the height of the base. So if your base is 10-inches tall you’re shade height should be around the 7-inch mark.

- The width of the shade should be approximately the same height as the base.


For floor lamps


Floor lamps are a little easier. It depends on the height and style of the lamp but the majority will take a shade of 18-inches diameter or greater.


Picking a Shape

There are several options when it comes to lampshade shape and the purchaser has two main considerations.


1. Match the shape of the lampshade with the shape of the base. Square bases should be paired with square shades and round bases with round shades.

2. The shape you select will also impact the light that the lamp gives out and the area illuminated. For example and Empire shade (the classic cone shape) casts light more broadly from the bottom of the base than the top. A more modern drum-shaped shade illuminates equally from the top and bottom of the shade.


If you are lighting a room, or part of a room, for a certain purpose consider where you want the light from the lamp to illuminate. A shade can help you direct light towards the desired area if you pick correctly.


Choosing the Colour/Design

This is where practically largely ends and you get to start thinking about interesting things.


- What are you using the lamp for? If you need a good level of illumination then choose a translucent lamp shade. If the lamp is to help create a relaxed mood, perhaps to snuggle down in front of the telly on a winters evening, then a darker shade will help create a cosy feel.

Lamp shades are an ideal opportunity to add a splash of colour to a room, perhaps you want to pair a colourful and vibrant lamp shade with a statement lamp to create a talking point in the room?

- If you have a combination of table and floor lamps a mismatched approach can look great, there’s no reason to select the same shade for all lamps in the room. It’s a fun and low-cost option to add a bit of zing into a room’s decor.


If you need any help or advice on picking lamp shades or need to ask a question about anything else you’ve seen in store then please give our team a call on 0115 9266777.