Garden Lamp Posts

The use of gardens lamp posts and outdoor pedestal lights are a great way of enhancing the outside of your property. Both forms of lighting suit larger properties that have a good amount of outside space. Garden lamp posts, in particular, can work wonderfully well in a large garden or alongside a long driveway.


Garden Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are especially effective in large outdoor spaces as they can cast good levels of light over a wide area. They can be used to highlight certain features such as ponds or rockeries or simply illuminate entrance ways, paths or driveways.


Lamp Post Style

Traditional – The most popular lamp posts are still those with traditional features which generally have one or more lanterns. They are styled to look similar to traditional street lamps from the Victorian and Edwardian eras and are very often black or dark in colour.


Modern – The more contemporary lamp posts vary greatly in style and design, although some still feature lanterns but with a more modern twist. There is also more choice of colour with white, chrome and galvanised steel being popular.



Height will obviously be a key decision when picking a garden lamp post and there is no shortage of choices. Most full-size lamp posts are between two and three meters tall. Some will exceed three meters and adjustable options are available allowing you to pick your perfect height. For smaller gardens, half posts are also available. These look very similar to the full-size versions but are considerably smaller.


Garden Pedestal Lights

Pedestal lights are much smaller than lamp posts or bollards and are typically positioned on top of walls such as the entrance to a driveway. They can also be used to light up steps or positioned on garden wall posts. Often designed in the traditional lantern style there are more modern variations available that will be better suited to newer properties


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