Kitchen Lighting

Planning the correct lighting in any room around the home is important but the kitchen is the area in which functional and atmospheric lighting need to work seamlessly together. Ideally, if you are planning a new kitchen refit you’d think about the lighting as one of the first details but no matter what your stage of home decoration some new kitchen lights can breathe fresh life into any space.

Kitchens are one of the busiest areas of the home and often need a selection of different task-based and atmospheric lighting solutions. We have a wide range of fittings specifically designed for use in the kitchen including ceiling spotlights, pendant lights and wall lights. 

How to Choose Your Perfect Kitchen Lighting

When deciding on kitchen lighting solutions you should consider each area of your kitchen as a zone and decide what type of function that zone is mostly used for. Zones of the kitchen that are used for preparation work such as chopping vegetables often need two types of lighting; ceiling lighting and specific task lighting such as under cabinets. In a kitchen, with different work zone locations, a ceiling light with directional spot fixings can help you focus the illumination to areas where is it most needed such as the cooking hob or sink. A circular or straight ceiling light with spots is a flexible solution that can be adapted to suit different work zone locations.


Planning the lighting in a kitchen can be easily compared to the construction of a cake as it’s about layering different features that all work well together. The sponge is the main body that lights up the whole part like ceiling lights do, the filling supports the main body and focuses the attention like specific task lights and the decoration could be the accent light as needed around dining areas. Decorative lighting can also be used to provide the illusion of extra space by working with high shine finishes light can be bounced around making small spaces feel bigger.


As a busy space at the centre of the home, the kitchen will be used throughout the day and night so the lighting needs to be flexible and support all the different tasks that take place within this room. You may want to consider different mood light options that can be hidden within kitchen furniture such as uplighters, downlighters and shelf lights. Having a wide range of lights built into the kitchen furniture will create an enjoyable space that can transition from light and bright to work in and comfortable and cosy to dine in. Kitchen cupboards and islands are perfect for hiding away strips of LEDs that after dark can really create exciting features with colour changing mood lighting.


The lighting in a kitchen dining area can be the opportunity to create an eye-catching design feature with pendant lights. By using feature materials that work well with the design of your kitchen a row of three ceiling pendant lights can really be the crowning glowing to any kitchen dining area. Pendant lights can achieve a softer glow than ceiling spotlights and provide a relaxing environment for dining.


If you have any questions regards kitchen lighting then our team of experts are available to help. Simply call us on 0115 926 6777 or send your enquiry through on our contact form.