Interiors 1900 Lighting

Interiors 1900 produces some of the most instantly recognisable light fittings available today. Perhaps best known for the stunning Tiffany range of handmade shades they also supply several other exquisite designer lighting ranges from their base in Yorkshire. A favourite amongst interior designers and lighting professionals alike, Interior 1900 products offer unique designs coupled with high-quality manufacturing.

Interiors 1900 Collections

Best known for their Tiffany range of products, Interiors 1900 has four fantastic collections to choose from.


Tiffany Collection

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of the famous Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany and Company. He did not follow his father into the Jewellery business; instead, he focused his artistic efforts on the decorative arts and most prominently stained glass. He was one of the most celebrated artists and designers in his field and was even commissioned to redesign and decorate several rooms in the Whitehouse.


The designs of the Tiffany lighting collection are very much based on the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements that Louis Comfort was so influential in developing.


Each Tiffany lamp shade is a handmade unique piece of craftsmanship. Three types of glass are used for each shade which is selected for their colour and light transmission properties. The glass is carefully soldered into place to create a strong, durable and visually stunning shade.


Kutani Collection

Kutani is a form of porcelain that derives its name from the village in Japan where it was first produced 400 years ago. Each Kutani lamp base is handmade and there are 14 different processes that go into the finished product. Once the base is completed in Japan it is shipped to the UK where the final elements are added by Interiors 1900.


Rochamp Collection

The Rochamp collection comprises of solid brass lighting and light fittings. Each item is handmade using traditional techniques to create a beautifully elegant range.


New Classics Collection

The new classics collection is a broad range of products covering table, floor, wall and ceiling lights. Inspiration is taken from a number of influences from the 19th and 20th centuries but there is an emphasis on Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Edwardian styles. As with all products produced by Interiors 1900 the focus is on high-quality workmanship and materials to create products that will stand the test of time.