Hallway Lighting

Hallway lighting can often be overlooked above other rooms in the home as we often don’t consider the importance of a well lit transitional space. As the majority of homes use the hallway as the entrance and exit point you can really benefit from a well-planned space with thoughtful lighting. 

How to Pick Hallway Lighting

Functional flexible ceiling spotlights in a hallway could help you light up the area where you put your keys and hang your coat. Lighting is a great way to create a welcoming impression and can be used as a design feature to bring your interior decoration to life. As hallways can be narrow with limited space wall lights that fit flush to the wall can be used to give the illusion of more room without the intrusion of a hanging object.


Wall lights can also be used to illuminate pictures and mirrors that will help provide the illusion of space to what are often narrow corridors. If you do want a ceiling light but like the idea of making the hallway seem larger you can consider recessed lighting. Recessed lights can be fitted in the ceilings of most modern homes and provide a style of clean lines that can make spaces feel bigger than they are. Recessed lights can also be fitted into walls and along skirting rails which in the hallway can be a pleasing and practical design feature. Hallway lights fitted into skirting rails can also link seamlessly to stair lighting which is a great low-level accent light that can create a calm environment in the home. These low-level lights can be powered by energy efficient bulbs so if you like lights left on at night to help you navigate the home without needing ceiling lights recessed lights offer the perfect solution.


If you have quite a spacious hallway you can consider a range of lighting options that could be flexible depending on the time of day. Bright ceiling or pendant lights can be used to light the hallway space when the home is busy. Wall lights could then be used towards the end of the day to give a welcome return to people arriving home late but then not too bright for others who are already at home. If you have space for a seating area in your hallway a floor lamp in this area makes a great interior decoration feature and provides a welcoming spot for somebody waiting for the rest of the household to be ready to leave!


When planning your hallway lighting consider how it will work with your stairwell lighting as if you have a design in mind it’s a fantastic opportunity to get the style of the two areas to complement each other.


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