Gothic & Medieval Lighting

Gothic lighting and medieval lighting help to create interiors that have a sense of history about them. Martials used in their manufacturer are normally metal and wood with natural colours being a strong theme. Their style is typically from an era when candle light was the main source of illumination and therefore the light fittings normally represent this with a candle bulb fitting. As gothic and medieval interiors are often dark the introduction of light is very important to create the correct atmosphere.

Gothic and Medieval Lighting at Sherwood Lighting

Gothic lighting and medieval lighting are a focal point fitting that can be used as an outstanding feature to a contemporary design or to complement a themed interior.


Gothic and medieval styles can be quite different. The medieval style originates from the start of the 5th century and so is associated with a simpler way of life which is represented by pared back decoration. As the medieval period ran from the 5th to the 15th century there was an overlap with the gothic style that started in the 12th century and ran through to the 16th century.


The gothic style introduced more decorative elements that had not been seen before in medieval society. The crossover of the two-time periods explains why there are some similarities between medieval and gothic designs. Medieval styles are generally simpler, but some do have an element of decoration that links to the introduction of gothic design. Gothic styles are often more elaborate with points and arches that link to the architecture of the time.


The light fittings from our gothic and medieval ceiling lighting range are adjustable in height meaning the drop can be altered to meet with your personal preference or the parameters of the room.


As with all the products we supply our medieval lighting and gothic lighting are from leading industry brands which are renowned for their quality, workmanship and reliability. Our extensive range has been developed over many years and we only work with lighting manufacturers we know and trust to deliver exceptional results.


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