Flush Ceiling Lights

Flush or Semi-Flush lights are perhaps the most common style around today due to the changing shape and size of the average British home. Whereas many older properties enjoy high ceilings the more recent house building trend is to create rooms with a ceiling height of 2.4 meters or approximately 8 feet. This change has been driven by a need to be more economical with space and it’s also far more practical to heat a smaller room.  

What is Flush Lighting?

When we talk about flush lighting or semi-flush lighting we effectively mean lighting, that when fitted, keeps the space between light and ceiling to a minimum. As mentioned above this style of lighting is well suited to many modern homes where the ceiling height makes pendent style lighting impractical. Flush lights can be used throughout the home but are especially popular in any room where space may be limited. Bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, kitchens and hallways all suit flush lighting and the broad range of style options available means whatever design look you are looking to achieve you’ll have plenty of lighting choice.


Flush or Semi-Flush Lights

When choosing lighting for any room one of the key factors is practicality. The lights don’t just have to look good, they also need to adequately illuminate the space and also work within that space. You may fall in love with a stunning chandelier but fitting it in the downstairs toilet may not be the ideal practical lighting solution for that room.  

Flush lighting and semi-flush lights are often the happy middle ground between desirability and practicality.


Flush Ceiling Lights – Sometimes also known as ‘Flush Mount, when fitted, leave no space between light and ceiling surface.  This style of lighting is ideal for spaces with low ceilings but they can be used throughout the home.


Semi-Flush Lights – When fitted this style of light leaves a small amount of space between the ceiling and the light fitting. There is no hard and fast rule regards how much space is left and it very much varies based on the light fittings design.


How to Choose Flush Lighting

The advice for purchasing flush lighting is very similar to advice when buying any new lighting. Before you head to the shops or your favourite online lighting store firstly understand what you want from the lighting and the available space you have. Measuring your ceiling height is a great place to start and then consider the lighting drop that could be accommodated whilst remaining practical.


Just because you may have low ceilings it doesn’t mean you’re limited for choice and whatever style of room you have there is a wide range of options to pick from.