Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can perform many tasks in a room. Whether you need a functional modern lamp for reading or work, are looking to create a relaxing ambience, want to illuminate a dark corner or require a bold and striking statement piece then a floor lamp may well be the answer. We have 100’s of lamps for you to choose from in our range and each one of them is price checked daily to ensure you won’t find it cheaper online anywhere else.

A Buyers Guide to Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an easy way of adding additional light options to your room and don’t require any electrical work to install. You may not think a buyer’s guide is needed for such a simple item but there are a few points to consider before making your purchase. Our lighting experts have put together their top tips to consider when buying a floor lamp.


What is the light for?

An obvious starting point is to decide what you will be using the floor lamp for. If you wish to use the light for reading or perhaps to illuminate a desk area for work then a mother and child floor lamp could be a suitable option. You may wish to brighten up a dark corner of a room or perhaps you’re looking for a floor lamp that really makes a statement and is as much as design piece as a light. Whatever your reason a clear purpose will make your decisions much simpler.


Size and Scale

Floor lamps come in many shapes and sizes, some have very small footprint whereas others, Tripod lamps, for example, can fill a relatively large space. Before you start shopping grab the tape measure and decide how much space you have available. 


It’s also worth thinking about the scale of the floor lamp you want against the room it’s going in. Many older properties have low ceilings and if this is the case a tall floor lamp may look out of proportion with the room height. Likewise, with large rooms, a small floor lamp may simply look lost.



Floor lamps come in a huge array of materials, designs and styles. We have modern floor lamps that suit a contemporary living space and more traditional lamps for properties with a classic feel. It’s important to consider the design of your room when making your purchase and be prepared to compromise if you fall in love with a lamp that perhaps won’t fit with your existing décor.


Layering Light

One of the fantastic things about lamps, in general, is that they allow us to tailor make our light depending on our needs. Having a mix of floor and table lamps in a room gives us the ability to illuminate different sections of our living space to varying degrees. By purchasing floor lamps with dimmers you can take this control to the next level. Maybe when considering your floor lamps also look for matching or complimentary table lamps.



We supply floor lamps from under £50 to over £1500. At the top end of the market there are some truly breath-taking lamps that would grace almost any room; however, you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the result you want. There are many affordable, high-quality modern designer lighting brands on the market and each one offers a great selection from which to choose from.