Double Insulated Lights

Double insulated lights, also known as class II or class 2 lights, are suitable for use when no earth wire is present. Generally this will be older properties that were built in or before the 1960’s and are not earthed. All of the lighting in this section is double insulated and therefore suited to installations where no earth is present.

What is Double Insulated Lighting?


Double insulated lights fall into Class 2 in the classification of electrical equipment.  To qualify for this class the item in question must be manufactured so that no single failure can cause a dangerous level of voltage that could lead to an electric shock. This needs to be achieved without the use of an earthed metal casing.


As you’ve probably guessed from the category name the protection from electric shock is achieved through at least two layers of insulation being used on all live parts. This extra reinforcement means no earth is required when fitting and using the item.


In the UK any electrical item that is double insulated must be clearly marked as ‘Class 2’, ‘Double Insulated’ or carry the double insulation symbol which is a square box inside a larger square box.


Alternatives to Double Insulated Lighting

Unfortunately if you own a property that has not been earthed the only long term solution is re-wiring. This should be carried out by a fully qualified and competent electrician and is typically a fairly expensive job, although the size and complexity of the property has a big impact on costs. Double insulated lighting, whilst being a perfectly viable solution, should be considered a low cost and shorter term option.


What Types of Double Insulated Lights are Available?

Happily for people who are in the market for this type of light there are lots of options. Dar Lighting and Franklite both have big ranges and there is lots of choice for ceiling lights, wall lights, pendants and even chandeliers. To view this category you can simply scroll down the page to browse our full range or use the filters found on the right hand side to narrow your selection.


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