Double Insulated Ceiling Lighting

Double insulated ceiling lights should be used in properties that have not been earthed and therefore do not have an earth wire that can be used when fitting lights. This issue is typically found in older buildings built in the 1960’s or before that have not yet been re-wired.

What are Double Insulated Ceiling Lights?

Double insulated ceiling lights are specifically designed for properties that do not have an earth wire. They are a class 2 electrical appliance which means they must protect the user from electric shock should part of the item fail. This is achieved through a minimum of two layers of insulation around all live elements.


All class 2 electrical items must carry one of the following identifying features;


- A label stating ‘Class 2’
- A label stating ‘Double Insulation’
- The double insulation symbol which is displayed as a small square box surrounded by a larger square box


Choosing Double Insulated Ceiling Lights?

If you are looking for double insulated ceiling lighting, although limited, the choice available to you is still broad.  Many of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers produce double insulated ranges and there is no reason you won’t be able to find a stunning light for your property.


You can browse our full category range by simply scrolling down the page. Alternatively, if you already have a good idea of what you want then the filters on the right of the page will allow you to refine your search.


Purchasing Your Lights from Sherwood Lighting

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