Deck Lighting and Ground Lights

There’s nothing quite like unwinding outside after a long day at work and if you’re lucky enough to have decking this can make the ideal spot. With some carefully placed outdoor lighting there’s no need to retreat inside once the sun starts to set. Deck lighting and ground lights are an ideal solution when it comes to illuminating your outside space. Easy to install, relatively low in price and with low energy consumption it means your long summer evenings spent outdoors won’t be ramping up your energy bills.

Deck Lighting and Ground Lights Considerations

This type of lighting is ideal for creating an inviting ambiance outside. However, it’s also highly practical as the low level illumination means your decking, pathways and any other areas your install them are very well lit.


Installing Deck Lighting

Ideally, deck lighting should be installed at the same time as your decking is being fitted. If you haven’t decided which type of deck lights you want, then ask the fitters to pre-wire the desk ready for lights to go in at a later date.


It is possible to fit deck lighting retrospectively, but a lot will depend on the type and scale of your decking. It’s advisable to consult an expert if you are looking to retro-fit as they will be able to advise on the best course of action.


Deck and Ground Lighting Placement

Where you install your lighting will impact on what light you can buy, especially in the case of ground lighting. All light fittings have an IP rating which governs where they can be installed. Different lights are built for different environments such as areas that are likely to be wet or dusty. Although not exhaustive our quick guide below shows the main IP ratings found on desk and ground lights and what they mean.


IP44 - Protected against rain and splashing but not against dust meaning they may be suitable for decking but not pathways.


IP45 - Protected against low level water jets but again not from dust.


IP65 - Rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.


IP69 - Rated as "dust tight" and protected against immersion.



Light Layering

As with indoor lighting the concept of light layering can be applied outdoors. Effectively this means that more than one light source is used to illuminate an area. Indoors this may be a combination of table lamps and ceiling lights. Outdoors this could be deck lighting and LED spotlighting where the deck lights provide an ambient level of light and the spotlights are used to highlight specific features of your garden.


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