Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal lighting is one of our big favourites here at Sherwood Lighting and our crystal table lamp collection has been carefully selected to offer you the very best lamps available. Crystal table lamps can be used in virtually any room of the house. If you aren’t lucky enough to have room for a crystal chandelier you can still add a touch of sparkle with a stunning crystal lamp.

How to Choose a Crystal Table Lamp

We want your purchase to be perfect and so to help you choose the right crystal lamp our lighting consultants have put together this simple buyer’s guide;


- Begin by planning exactly where the new lamp will be positioned and measure the space you have available. Remember that when measuring don’t just think about the size of the base as this is often not the widest part of a lamp. 

- Consider what the crystal lamp will be used for. Are you wishing to illuminate a specific area of a room? Will the lamp be used to brighten a space for reading or work purposes? Will the new lamp be the main light source in an area or will it be used to provide ambience? Once you’ve thought about these sorts of questions you’ll have a clearer idea of what you need. 

- If you are purchasing more than one lamp for a room, or you already have existing lamps in place, then it’s worth thinking about their heights. Ideally when viewing a room the tops of all the lamps, whether they are table or floor standing, should all be at approximately the same height. This allows the room to flow visually rather than having an undulating appearance. 

- Picking the right lamp for the right space is important. Don’t pick a lamp simply because you love the way it looks. The most beautiful crystal table lamp can look totally out of place if it’s not positioned correctly. Choose a lamp that fits the space and be prepared to compromise if your first choice is perhaps not the most practical.


The beauty of crystal lighting, in general, is that it will fit with most décor. The choice of designs and styles available make this a very adaptable form of lighting and the often elegant simplicity of a crystal table lamp make them ideal for most surroundings.


Sherwood Lighting, Crystal Table Lamp Specialists

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