Crystal Floor Lamps

Part of our stunning Crystal Lighting range, crystal floor lamps can make a great addition to almost any home. The light refracting properties of crystal means that they can be used to create stunning visual effects or alternatively simply brighten up a dark corner.

How to Choose a Crystal Floor Lamp

Adding floor lamps or table lamps to a room is almost an essential if you want to create a beautifully designed living space. However, floor lamps can provide many tasks from simply being a functional light source to a decorative statement piece. Our lighting consultants have provided some handy tips below to help you achieve the look you want.


1. As with most lighting purchases the first consideration when shopping for a crystal floor lamp is what you want the lamp to be. Are you looking for a big and bold statement piece that instantly draws the attention of someone entering the room or do you require something more understated? Lamps can be used to illuminate and highlight particular areas or features of a room or they can be the feature themselves. 


2. Space and scale are two very important points when looking for crystal floor lamps. When we talk about space we refer to the physical space available for your new lamp to reside. Scale is a little trickier and down to an individual’s interpretation. If your room has a low ceiling a very tall or large lamp is likely to appear too dominating and be out of proportion to the room. Similarly, a small lamp in a large room will be lost and look equally out of place.


3. Working with your existing room decoration is a key factor in a successful purchase.  A carefully positioned floor lamp can brighten a dark corner or turn that ‘nothing’ space into a design feature. Picking a crystal floor lamp that compliments the décor you already have or helps you expand an existing theme is crucial.


4. If you’re purchasing several lamps and perhaps maybe a combination of floor, table and desk lamps then consider how they can work together. Lamps, in general, allow you to alter the ambience and feel of a room to suit a situation. When the main room light is not required the practice of ‘layering light’ from multiple lamp sources can help you transform a space.