Crystal Ceiling Lighting

Crystal ceiling lights, and in particular the crystal chandelier, are one of the oldest types of decorative light fitting. Wooden, cross-shaped, chandeliers which supported wax candles have been used since medieval times. It was discovered that natural rock crystal helped reflect light which could illuminate larger areas. As time went on, the crystal was used for both practical and ornamental purposes and ornate highly decorative crystal chandeliers were used by the rich and powerful to demonstrate their wealth.

The development of crystal ceiling lighting leapt forward in the 17th century when lead oxide glass was introduced. This material was much easier to work with than rock crystal and much purer with vastly superior clarity. Although lead glass is as the name suggests, glass, we still refer to it as crystal and therefore crystal ceiling lighting. It was thanks to lead oxide glass that the crystal chandelier became such a stunning and sought after decorative piece. Artists from around the world began working with the new material creating commissioned, one-off, pieces for rich benefactors.


Today crystal ceiling lighting is an area that continues to innovate and at Sherwood Lighting we’re proud of our stunning range which incorporates both modern and more classic designs.


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