Contemporary Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lighting is one of our most popular categories, after all, virtually every home in the country has a need for it at some point. Our contemporary ceiling light section has carefully compiled to bring together our most modern and current styles. With a heavy emphasis on British made and designed brands, each and every product offers great looks combined with great quality.

If you would like more information on any of the products you see in this category or have a general lighting question please feel free to contact our support team on 0115 926 6777.

Choosing you Contemporary Ceiling Lights

We stock a wide range of contemporary ceiling lights covering a great selection of different designs and styles. However, before starting to browse the range it’s worth giving some thought to where your light is being placed, the height of the ceiling and the drop you can accommodate.


Although there is no set rule about ceiling heights in UK building regulations the general trend is to create rooms with a ceiling height of 2.4 meters or approximately 8 feet. When you consider that a light fitting should be placed 20-30cm above head height, so people don’t feel they need worry about banging their heads, it doesn’t leave a huge amount of space to work in. Luckily, there are lights designed to solve this problem which our in-house lighting experts have outlined below.


Contemporary Pendent Ceiling Lights

Pendant lighting is a popular choice due to the wide range of styles on offer. Pendant lighting is attached to the a ceiling rose by means of a cord, chain or metal rod. The size of the drop can vary but they generally suit rooms with higher ceilings. Pendant lights work well over dining tables and work surfaces where the consideration of head height isn’t a factor. If you have you heart set on a pendant style contemporary light but don’t have the ceiling height then a Rise and Fall light may be an option. This form of lighting is height adjustable and can easily be altered depending on your requirements.


Flush Contemporary Ceiling Lights

At the other end of the ceiling light scale is flush lighting. A flush light sits very close to the ceiling so there is virtually not gap between the ceiling and the light. They are ideal in rooms with lower ceilings or when a hanging pendent light doesn’t fit your rooms décor.


Semi Flush Contemporary Ceiling Lights

Sitting between pendent lighting and flush lighting is semi flush lighting. Semi flush lights have a minimal drop from the ceiling but don’t sit as closely as a flush light. Again, they are suited to modern homes with the lower standard ceiling height.