Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling spotlights also known as recessed spotlights or downlights are perfect those seeking a sleek, modern and clutter free space. They work especially well in kitchens and bathrooms but can be used throughout a property for a variety of purposes. As well as being a highly effective form of main room lighting they can illuminate dark corners, artwork or attractive room features or be used to create a feature themselves.

How to Pick your Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

If you’re thinking for purchasing recessed ceiling spotlights for your home we suggest you consider these following points before making any purchase.


What is the size of the room?

The size of the room will determine the number of ceiling spotlights you need and the bulb strength required. The following guide will provide you with a good basis to make this decision.

1. Start by measuring the room. To calculate the square footage multiply the room width by the depth.


2. Once you have your room square footage multiply this by 1.5. For example if you room is 18 foot x 14 foot then your total is 252 feet. Multiply this by 1.5 which gives you a figure of 378. This final number is the approximate total wattage required to light the room sufficiently.


3. Now you simply need to decide on the lamp/bulb wattage you wish to use. If you plan to use 50 watt bulbs then all you need to do is divide your total wattage of 378 by 50. This gives you 7.52 which means you will need 7 or 8 ceiling spotlights for your room. We’d advise you opt for the higher value of 8 to ensure your room is well lit.  Also keep in mind that the total wattage calculation includes all light sources. If the room has a lamp or two then you can build the wattage from these bulbs into your equations.


Task lighting

If you want to illuminate particular areas of the room as you perform certain tasks then this is nice an easy to achieve. Spotlights can be positioned above these areas casting a directed beam downwards. If you’re using recessed ceiling spotlights in the bathroom you may wish to position one above the shower or bath. This is a great use for ceiling spotlights but make sure the fittings you choose meet the required regulations. The safest option is to consult a qualified electrician.


Positioning your recessed ceiling spotlights

This can depend on the type of property and if there is anything that can block the flow of light in the room. For example a ceiling joist or a room which can be divided with folding doors will need more careful consideration. The average home in the UK has ceilings of around 8 foot, we suggest spacing your lights at intervals of 4 feet ensuring that you keep all lights at least 2 feet away from walls. 

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