Ceiling Lighting

Our Ceiling Lighting category is one of our largest and is home to several thousand light fittings of different sizes, shapes and designs. Within this section you will find everything from kitchen spotlights to ornate chandeliers and everything in-between.

Don’t be put off by the huge choice, we realise that you probably don’t want to scroll through several hundred pages looking for your perfect ceiling light. That’s why we have a powerful filtering tool that allows you to quickly narrow your search.

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Ceiling Lighting Options

A choice is not something that you're short of when searching for ceiling lights and we’re pleased to say that at Sherwood Lighting we have one of the most extensive selections available online.


If you’re not quite sure what type of light fitting you are looking for, then read on.


Our lighting experts have created a handy buyers guide covering some of the most popular types of ceiling lighting and the rooms they are best suited to.


Ceiling Spotlights

Also commonly referred to as downlights or recessed lights they are perfect if you want to create a minimalist look or have low ceilings. They can be used as the main room or ambient light source but work equally well as task lighting or to illuminate dark corners.


Most Suited For: Most often used in bathrooms and kitchens but can be used in virtually any room around the home.


Flush Ceiling Lights

Perhaps the most common style of light fitting in British homes today, flush or semi-flush lighting is ideal for rooms when ceiling height is limited. The term ‘Flush Lighting’ covers everything where the space between the ceiling and the fitting is kept to a minimum. Semi flush lighting will sit a little further away from the ceiling and provides extra options and styles.


Most Suited For: Any room where the ceiling height is approximately 8 feet or below.


Stairwell Lighting

One of our favourite categories as the extra space/drop available in a stairwell means the lighting designs can be must more ornate and spectacular. These ceiling lights are designed with WOW factor in mind and are created to bring a sometimes neglected part of the home to life.


Most Suited For: Stairwells or any rooms where you may have high ceilings.



When many people think of chandeliers the image that springs to mind are of decadent crystal chandeliers hanging in stately homes. If you are lucky enough to live in a home such as this then we have a beautiful range of lighting perfect for your lofty ceilings. However, for everyone else the range of chandeliers on offer is wide, varied and suitable for most homes. Whether your tastes are modern or more traditional we have some stunning chandeliers certain to match your décor.


Most Suited For: Ideal for living rooms, entrance halls, bedrooms or dining rooms.