Ceiling Lanterns

Ceiling lanterns or hanging lanterns, as they are commonly referred, are often considered to be a fairly traditional lighting style. To a certain degree, this is true with the antique and aged ‘look’ being a very popular choice. However, most people will be surprised by the range of ceiling lanterns available and the flexibility they can offer around the home.

What is a Ceiling Lantern?

Ceiling lanterns are essentially a light source surrounded by a cover. The cover used to be a practical requirement as it protected a candle or kerosene flame from being blown out. On modern-day electric hanging lanterns, the cover is largely there for decorative purposes. The vast majority of ceiling lanterns are comprised of a chain which connects to a handle at the top of a frame. The frame is often used to hold glass panels or sections in place.


Hanging lanterns are available for both indoor and outdoor use. This category houses all our indoor hanging lanterns, if you are looking for outdoor hanging lanterns you can find them here.


Where can a Ceiling Lantern be used?

Ceiling lanterns are essentially a form of pendant light and therefore similar rules apply when it comes to using them to decorate and light your home. They can be used in most rooms around the house proving the ceiling light is high enough to accommodate them. The drop (i.e. How far they hang down) can be adjusted depending on your requirements. Ceiling lanterns are typically popular in foyers and hallways or used as a stairwell light.


Buying Ceiling Lanterns through Sherwood Lighting

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