Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom should ideally be a place of relaxation and tranquillity. A space to call your own that you can retreat to when you want to rest and recuperate from the pace of daily life. To achieve a space such as this when it comes to decorating your bedroom then lighting needs to be at the forefront of your thinking.  Through a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting you can create a room that serves multiple functions and can be transformed with the flick of a switch.

Bedroom Lighting Options

The bedroom lighting you choose will be dependent on the size of the room and also your own decorating style. If you prefer a minimalist look then ornate chandeliers are not likely to be on your shopping list. However, regardless of your own style the lighting you select will fall into 3 categories;


Ambient Lighting – Also known as general lighting, this is the main light source in the room that should adequately light up the majority of the space. Typically this will be in the form of a ceiling light; however other lighting options can perform this role equally well.


Task LightingThis describes lighting that is used to help you perform a specific function or task. A mirror light to help in applying make-up is a good example of this.


Accent LightingThe main role of accent lighting is to highlight room features or support the ambient lighting by illuminating areas of the room that it doesn’t fully reach. Ambient lighting provides a lower level of light generally and is ideal for helping you create your calming and relaxing oasis.


In terms of the types of lighting you should be considering for a bedroom we recommend the following;


Pendant Ceiling Lights – The bedroom is a well-used room and much of the time you need a good level of light to go about your day to day business.  A pendant ceiling light is an ideal option for your ambient lighting and the choice of styles and designs means there is something to suit all tastes. Adding a dimmer switch will provide you with the flexibility to control your lighting depending on your requirements.


Table and Floor Lamps – The options open to you will depend upon the space you have available. In larger bedrooms, a floor lamp can be a great way of lighting up a dark corner of a room. Bedside lamps are a handy addition for those who enjoy reading in bed and a table lamp on a dresser can add a splash of colour if you pick a bright and bold shade.


Wall Lights – If space is a premium and you perhaps don’t have the room for a bedside table to place a lamp on to then wall lights could be ideal. A simple, adjustable spotlight positioned near the bed can be an ideal solution for bedtime readers. If your bedroom has a low ceiling that makes a pendant light awkward then traditional scone lighting can be a solution for your ambient lighting requirements.


Fairy Lights – A simple, fun and low-cost way to brighten up a bedroom is to hang fairly lights across the headboard. They can be a great option if you want some low-level lighting to relax and unwind too.