Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom wall lighting can serve three distinct functions and provides a lot of extra flexibility in this important space in your home. Wall lighting in your bathroom can first of all be used as extra general illumination to support the light provided by your ceiling lighting. If you want to unwind after a hard day at work you can use just the bathroom wall lights to create a more relaxed ambience. Finally, if you shave or apply make-up in the bathroom then wall lights provide illumination at the correct height and don’t create the shadows that ceiling lights can cause. For more advice on the best lighting to use for make-up application take why not take a look at our blog post, 'The Best Lighting for Make-up Application'. 

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Bathroom lighting, or at least adequate bathroom lighting, is often overlooked with surprisingly few people thinking past installing ceiling lights. Adding additional lighting, in the form of bathroom wall lights, can transform the space by giving you extra flexibility in how the room can be illuminated.


If you plan on installing bathroom wall lights then there are a few points you need to consider first.


Bathroom Safety Regulations

Bathrooms are subject to specific safety regulations that govern the types of light fitting that can be used and also where they can be placed. You can read more about this in our blog, Bathroom Lighting Zones and Regulations  or feel free to call our team who will be happy to help.


Positioning your Bathroom Wall Lights

Once you’ve selected lights that meet the necessary safety standards it’s important they are positioned correctly for the tasks you wish them to perform. Many people add wall lights to create extra illumination for when they are applying make-up or shaving. If this is the case then the lights should be fitted at face height to help prevent shadowing.


Select the Right Bulbs

If the lighting is being used to help you apply make-up, shave or you just want to see what you look like before heading for the door then opt for Warm White LEDs. This type of bulb provides the closest illumination to natural sunlight and so will give you the most accurate impression of how you appear.