Bathroom Lighting

Lighting can be used to transform all areas of your home and the bathroom is no exception. We have a wide range of light fittings specifically designed for use in the bathroom including shaver lights, mirror lights, wall lighting and ceiling lighting.

The bathroom is one of the busiest areas of a home and so choosing suitable lighting is essential. Flexibility is key, during the day you’ll need bright and clear lighting as your household goes about its daily routines. However, the bathroom can often be a room used for relaxation and so a more subdued and tranquil lighting option is also a great addition.

The bathroom does have some additional rules and regulations for safety reasons that don’t apply to the rest of the house. These need to be carefully considered when planning how to the room will be lit. We've created a detailed guide to Bathroom Lighting Zones and Regulations which you can view by clicking here.

Bathroom Lighting Safety Regulations

Bathroom lighting regulations can seem a little complicated when you first encounter them and it’s always best to seek professional advice.


Every light fitting is given an Ingress Protection (IP) rating which essentially refers to how well the light fitting is protected from water or steam entering it. A rating of IP44 or above is essential for any light being fitted into a bathroom.


Bathrooms are also split into different zones (shown below) with different requirements for each zone which determines what type of lighting that can be used.


Bathroom Safety Zones


Types of Bathroom Lighting

Although there are additional regulations that cover bathroom lighting there is no shortage of options to help you achieve your desired look. Bathroom lights can be split into two main categories and it a good idea to fully understand your requirements before you start shopping around.


Task Lighting helps you perform a certain, specific function. For example, a spotlight or mirror lighting can be used to help you apply makeup or make shaving easier.


Decorative Lighting is used to help you achieve the style and finish you want for your bathroom. When considering decorative lighting we are referring to both the light fitting itself and also using light in a decorative manner, for example illuminating a key feature with a spotlight.


Bathroom Lighting Options

Spotlights – Perhaps the most widely used light fittings in modern bathrooms as they are relatively small and discreet but also provide flexibility in how the room will be lit. As well as being an ideal solution for main ceiling lights they can be used to illuminate specific areas as needed.


LED Floor Lighting – As an alternative or accompaniment to ceiling lights, floor lights can be used as a main room light or to add a contemporary twist to your décor.


Mirror Lights – Mirror lighting is perfect if you use your bathroom mirror for applying make-up or shaving.  It provides a perfect level of focused lighting right where you need it.


Bathroom Chandeliers – If there one thing we love at Sherwood Lighting it’s a chandelier and there’s no reason the bathroom can’t be fitted with one providing you have the necessary ceiling height. A chandelier adds a touch of elegance and opulence to a room and thanks to their reflective properties they provide a good level of light.


For further help and advice on bathroom lighting please call our friendly and helpful team on 0115 926 6777.