Bathroom Ceiling Lights

A good level of lighting in a bathroom is essential and ceiling lights are the place to start. Many of the tasks we perform in the bathroom such as applying make-up, shaving or plucking eyebrows make a well-lit space an absolute necessity. It’s also important to keep in mind the safety aspect of bathroom lighting as there are specific regulations that govern what light fittings can be used in certain areas of the room. To find out more you can read our blog ‘Bathroom Lighting Zones and Regulations’.

Using ceiling lighting in conjunction with bathroom wall lights or illuminated mirrors can give you a great level of flexibility in your room. A bathroom ceiling light is perfect for creating a good level of general (ambient lighting). Mirror or wall lights can then be used as task lighting in areas where you need a better level of focused light.

If you have any questions regarding bathroom ceiling lights or the regulations that govern light fittings in the bathroom then our friendly team are here to help.